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We serve the community by providing high quality drinking water, collecting and treating sewage, managing land drainage and flood control, and collecting and disposing of garbage and recycling. We want to know how projects related to these services affect you.

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Current Projects

Seine Riverbank Stabilization at the Branch 1 Aqueduct


The project will stabilize the east bank of the Seine River, near the corner of Notre Dame Street and Maisonneuve Street. Stabilizing the bank is necessary to keep the Branch 1 Aqueduct safe and ensure a continued supply of water to Winnipeg residents.

Biosolids Land Application


We are developing a program to reuse wastewater biosolids on farmland instead of disposing them in the landfill. The program is part of the City’s master plan for sustainable biosolids management. Provincial legislation requires the City’s wastewater biosolids to be beneficially reused.

Organics Diversion Strategy


Organics diversion programs will be necessary to reach our waste diversion rate goal of 50% or more. Organics make up approximately 40% of Winnipeg’s residential waste stream.

CSO Master Plam

CSO Master Plan


We are developing a plan to manage the effects of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) on our rivers in an environmentally sound, sustainable and cost-effective manner.

The Future of Brady

The Future of Brady


We have been operating Brady Road Resource Management under a permit since 1973. Provincial regulations have evolved and landfills in Manitoba are now required to be licensed.

4R Depot

4R Depots


A 4R Winnipeg Depot is a place where residents can drop off material that they no longer have a use for, but could be recycled, reused, composted, or resold.

4R Depot

CSO Relief


This program involves installing new sewer pipes in areas of the city with combined sewers to help protect homes from basement flooding…

Active Committees


Completed Projects

Garbage and Recycling Master Plan

Winnipeg needs a Garbage and Recycling Master Plan. The environmental, economic and social impacts of garbage affect all of us.

Biosolids Master Plan

We are developing a Biosolids Master Plan (BMP) that will determine how we will manage our biosolids in an environmentally sound, sustainable and cost-effective manner, while meeting Provincial regulations.

Water By-law Review

We have completed a comprehensive review of our existing Water Works By-law and drafted a new Water By-law.

Brady Road Resource Management Facility methane gas project

We have a plan to reduce methane gas from the Brady Road Resource Management Facility (Brady Road Landfill)…

Sewer By-law Review

We have reviewed the existing Sewer By-law and are proposing changes. We have prepared a draft by-law and are now seeking feedback from businesses and the public

Recycling Study

We are looking at options for collecting recyclables from your home: continuing with the current program (weekly manual collection with blue boxes)…

Brady Road Resource Management Facility (Brady Road Landfill) Put or Pay Agreements

In October 2009, City Council considered our report recommending that the Solid Waste By-law be amended to allow us to set up legal agreements…

Hauled Wastewater Study

We are conducting a study to determine an approach to accept and treat hauled wastewater for the next 20 years.

Wastewater Improvement Projects (CSIF)

The City of Winnipeg operates three large treatment plants to treat millions of litres of wastewater that is collected through a vast network of sewer pipes.