Frequently asked questions

4rdepot_with_byline1How many 4R Depots are you building?
  • The approved capital budget is for three facilities, with funding for a fourth in the budget forecasts. The Council-approved Garbage and Recycling Master Plan recommended “up to four depots”.
  • Once three depots are operational, we will evaluate the service to determine if citizens’ needs are being addressed by three depots, or if a fourth location is still needed.
  • If only three are needed, the funds will be removed from the forecast or cancelled. This is standard procedure when projects are under budget or do not proceed.
What is the construction schedule for the 4R Depots?
  • The Brady 4R Winnipeg Depot opened in February 2016.
  • The Pacific 4R Winnipeg Depot opened in January 2017.
  • Detailed design on the third depot, which will be located on Panet Road at Mission Street, has begun, with an expected tendering in early 2017. Construction will follow and should be completed for an opening in late 2017.
What is the budget for the 4R Depots?
  • The capital budget of $16.87 million covers the design and construction costs of four depots.
  • Operating costs for all depots are extra and will be included in the 2016 to 2018 budget submission.
Was there an increase to the 2015 Capital Budget?
  • On March 25, 2015, City Council approved the 2015 Capital Budget, which included an increase in the budget for the 4R Depots from $14.413 million to $16.87 million.
  • The increase is for the construction of facilities for household hazardous waste, installation of a weigh scale at the Brady Road depot and construction inflation.
What will it cost to use the 4R Depots?
  • There is no charge for dropping off accepted items that can be resold, reused, recycled or composted.
  • If you are dropping off garbage (available at the Brady location only), you will have to pay the tipping fee rate to dispose of the portion of your load that is garbage.
Can I use just the free areas at the Brady depot?
  • If you want to drop off only accepted materials that can be resold, reused, recycled or composted, you can exit before reaching the garbage drop-off area.
What if I’m just bringing garbage to the Brady Road landfill?
  • For your convenience and safety, you will be able to drop off your garbage at the depot.
  • The residential tipping face at the landfill closed when the depot opened.
Will people be able to take items away from the 4R Depots?
  • The 4R Winnipeg Depots are designed as drop-off locations only. We will have protocols in place to accept and manage materials, and for the following reasons, customers will not be allowed to remove materials:
    • customer safety (the drop-off bins are designed solely for off-loading materials, and it would be dangerous to scavenge in them)
    • agreements with Producer Responsibility Organizations and other material processors
    • violation of the City’s Solid Waste By-law requirements
    • responsibility to ensure confidentiality (i.e., risk of identity theft with electronic materials).

How are the industry-funded programs determined?
  • Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) – not-for-profit organizations approved by the Minister of Water Stewardship and Conservation – manage programs to enhance material recycling in Manitoba. There are currently 13 PROs in Manitoba.
  • The programs are typically funded by industry, either directly or indirectly, in the form of eco fees on products purchased by consumers. The funds collected by the PROs are used to run their programs and to pay drop-off sites (e.g., the 4R Winnipeg Depots) for handling these materials.
  • All these products are processed free-of-charge by the PROs. The PROs will pay the City for the amount of materials collected at the depot. Without the PRO programs, these products would be too costly to accept at the depots for processing.
  • More information on PROs is available at
Once all the 4R Winnipeg Depots are open, will you close the recycling depots?
  • Once all the 4R Winnipeg Depots are operating, we will determine if it is cost-effective to continue with some or all of the recycling depots.