Stakeholder Advisory Committee

As part of our public engagement strategy, we have brought together a Stakeholder Advisory Committee to share their perspectives and help us develop a Combined Sewer Overflow Master Plan to protect the health of our waterways, and moves forward in a way that reflects the values of Winnipeg families, the business community and river users. We will incorporate stakeholder input in our decision making process to the maximum extent possible.

Chalmers Neighbourhod Renewal
Coalition of Manitoba Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations (Winnipeg)
Dale Karasiuk
International Institute of Sustainable Development Hank Venema
Lake Friendly Stewards Alliance
Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region
Colleen Sklar
Manitoba Eco-Network Megan Krohn
Manitoba Heavy Construction Association Chris Lorenc
Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship (Environmental Compliance and Enforcement) Yvonne Hawryliuk
Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship (Environmental Approvals) Siobhan Burland Ross
Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship (Water Quality) Joy Kennedy
Old St. Vital BIZ Colleen Mayer
Rivers West Julie Turenne-Maynard
Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Carmine Militano