Community Liaison Committee

As part of the requirements for the new Environmental Licence issued by the Province for our Brady Road Resource Management Facility, we are establishing a Community Liaison Committee.

Committee members will provide advice on:

  • a plan for landscaping finished areas of the landfill,
  • a plan for monitoring noise and odour, and
  • ways to reduce the impact of landfill activities (e.g., construction, operations) on the local environment.
Green Action Centre William Dowie
Ladco Company Limited Michael Carruthers
Manitoba Sustainable Development Sonja Bridges
RM of Macdonald Robert Turski
RM of Macdonald – citizen representative Grant Baker
RM of Ritchot Janine Boulanger
RM of Ritchot – citizen representative Martha Moffat
Southwood Golf & Country Club Jeff Scott
University of Manitoba Leanne Shewchuk
Winnipeg (Charleswood) – citizen representative Darlene Boettcher
Winnipeg (Fort Richmond) – citizen representative Jacquie Field
Winnipeg (Richmond West) – citizen representative Dave Olinyk
Winnipeg (South Pointe) – citizen representative Myrrhanda Novak
Winnipeg (St.Norbert) – citizen representative Shanleigh Forsyth