Parker Storm Retention Basin

The City of Winnipeg Water and Waste Department has identified that changes to the existing combined sewer system are required to alleviate basement flooding and reduce the number of combined sewer overflows in the Cockburn West-Calrossie sewer district of the River Heights/Fort Garry neighborhood. The proposed Parker Storm Retention Basin (SRB) is one component within the overall Cockburn and Calrossie Combined Sewer Relief Works Project.

The SRB will be built as a wetland with numerous environmental and community benefits. Naturalized SRBs contribute to better water quality of surrounding waterways by filtering out pollutants in stormwater. Landscaping will include native grasses and perennials that can remove significant amounts of carbon from the air while supporting butterflies, dragonflies, songbirds and other wildlife species.

4 comments on “Parker Storm Retention Basin
  1. Terry Boettcher says:

    As always, your sharing of important information and issues from City Hall is greatly appreciated!! Keep it up and keep your eye on the ball. Regards, Terry Boettcher

  2. Leslie Pelletier says:

    What will happen to the NATIVE plants in the area that I have been harvesting for years such as Sage and Wild Mint amongst others?

    • admin says:

      Hi Leslie,

      When the existing ground surface is lowered to construct the storm retention basin, vegetation within the footprint will be removed.

      Once construction is complete, it will be revegetated with native wetland species in and around the shoreline, and with native tall and medium grass species and wildflowers in the upland areas.

      The exact species will be based on local availability at the time of planting, but will be selected based on seed species similar to our local plant hardiness zone. Sage is among the seed species that may be planted.

      • bill says:

        the last paragraph in the above reply says it all. based on availability. may be planted. get out of jail free?