Seine Riverbank Stabilization

Update January 2018: Work is now underway to stabilize the east bank of the Seine River, near the corner of Notre Dame Street and Maisonneuve Street, in North St. Boniface. Stabilizing the bank is necessary to keep the Branch 1 Aqueduct safe and ensure a continued supply of water to Winnipeg residents. Stabilization works are expected to be completed by June 2018. Please see the Notice of Construction for more details.

2 comments on “Seine Riverbank Stabilization
  1. JOHN DYCK says:

    Will they replace the path and trees taken down after they have finished? I was sad to see almost half the path taken down and almost all of the path taken down.

    • admin says:

      Hello John,

      The path noted in your inquiry is an informal trail (not maintained by the City) located at the river’s edge. The City understands the importance of this path to the community. Therefore, the site restoration will leave a minimum 2 m wide strip clear of trees to accommodate informal pedestrian movement at the river’s edge once the stabilization work is complete. Any trees removed will be replaced with new trees. The site will be restored to provide a riverbottom forest. The trees planted will provide natural bank stabilization.

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